Satsunai River CV Survey


The primary purpose of the survey is to estimate willingness to pay by the Japanese people for preserving the pristine streams and natural ecosystem of the Satsunai River located in northern Japan. Another survey purpose is to empirically compare the responses to various types of proposed questionnaire formats of contingent valuation. Please see the following map for the location of the river.

Large map

The survey was conducted in four locations in Japan. Households in each location were randomly chosen from official lists of local residents called as “Jumin Kihon Daicho” and then subjected to either face to face interviews or mail surveys.

The survey was jointly conducted by Hokkaido Development Bureau, Research Institute for Community Policy Co., Ltd. and Prof. Noboru Hidano’s laboratory at Tokyo Institute of Technology.

Summary of survey design and samples

Questionnaires for Sapporo, Ohta, Hidaka surveys

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